ROLE | DIRECTION, Design, Animation & Fabrication

Jigyasa is an interactive installation that incorporates augmented reality to explore the notions of curiosity and discovery.

Through the use of an Augmented Reality app, created in collaboration with Daqri, the installation comes to life and encourages participants to pause and take a second look at what the animated characters in this world are up to.



In order to make the installation compact, lightweight and portable I decided to create a painted mural with two cheese wedge shaped pieces with some structures placed on top of it. This allowed it to be easily disassembled and reinstalled at different sites when needed.



The mural was painted on canvas and colors of the mural were carefully considered as they had to closely match the digital animation that was overlaid via the AR app.


Character Design & Animation

All the characters were inspired from simple playful shapes and each individual animation looped allowing the AR projection to play without a specific start or end point.

characters copy.jpg


The piece has to be installed against a single color wall that doesn’t blend with the mural colors. Viewers have a 180 degree access to the installation. Launching the Daqri AR app from an iPad or an iPhone triggers a scan of the surrounding area and certain marker points on the image allow the animation to be overlaid and tracked on the mural and move along with the users position in 3D space.