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ROLE | Concept ART & Character DEsign

Oculus Health and Safety Explainer Video

Created in collaboration with the awesome design and animation team at We Are Royale, this video was intended to play inside an Oculus Headset when the user puts it on for the first time. The brief was to take the safety warnings for using the device and creating a spot that explains it with humor and playfulness while still doing justice to the sophistication of the brand.


Concept Art

Taking inspiration from a variety of sources, we found a balance between the sophistication of editorial illustration and the humor of exaggerated character animation. Keeping in mind the limited monochromatic palette for the Oculus brand, we used color sparingly to separate virtual reality from real environments.


Character Design

In-keeping with the sophisticated brand feel, we made a decision to use very few facial features - just enough to communicate emotion and avoid the characters coming across as too caricatured and off-brand.